What I’ve learned from 3 years of full-time freelancing

what i've learned from 3 years of freelancing
I remember what it was like to feel trapped in my 9-5 job, dreaming of quitting and starting my own business.

I’d vigorously follow the blogs of freelancers I loved, sneaking off into the staff room to read their latest posts on my phone.

I’d admire the pretty workspaces these freelancers all seemed to have. You know the ones: the shiny white desks adorned with MacBook Pros and Day Designers.

I could not WAIT to work from my very own little workspace. I couldn’t WAIT to taste the freedom that went along with being my own boss.

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I have something special for you…

The Shelancers Club- a supportive community for freelance women

The Shelancers Club- a supportive community for freelance women

When accepting their award, do you know why Oscar winners thank all the people who helped them reach success?

It’s because they couldn’t have achieved success without help from those people.

Without their help and support, the road to accomplishing their dreams would have been waaaay harder and a LOT longer. Heck, they might not have accomplished them at all!

Similarly, freelancing is a LOT easier when you have a community of like-minded freelancers cheering you all the way.

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5 Ways To Make Your Brand More Personal

5 ways to make your brand more personal

A few weeks ago, I was on a Clarity Call to a woman who is on a mission to make her side hustle her full-time business. One of the topics she wanted to discuss was how to make her brand more personal. She felt that injecting her personality into her business would draw her and her customers closer, and she was 100% right.

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Weekend Reads

weekend reads by neshadesigns.com

Remember when I used to run a Rad Reads column? Well, I thought I’d get back into the swing of that, but only once a month. I looooove creating roundups of my favourite articles across the web, because I read so many! So here is January’s ‘Weekend Reads’ article. The next won’t be until the end of February. Happy reading!

Weekend Reads:

Ever wanted a pet squirrel? If, like me, you think they are truly adorable then read this blog post. Your heart will melt!

A super simple relationship-building system. If you have a small business then building relationships should definitely be a goal.

The no.1 thing you must do to up-level your business fast.

How to get more clients in under 30 minutes a day. Sign up and get this free eBook!! I read it in bed over a cuppa in about 10 minutes and it blew my mind.

Why you don’t need a formal business plan (and what to do instead!)

Launch your website in 4 weeks or less.

How to skyrocket your productivity.

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Should you niche your business?

should you niche your business? by www.neshadesigns.com

Have you ever wanted to niche your business, but felt too scared that you’ll fail? That no one will be interested in your newly-niched biz? That you’ll be left with no clients and no money?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: The first time I chose a niche for my business, it failed. Miserably.

My worst nightmare came true: I chose a niche, and NO ONE was inquiring about my services. I found myself with 0 clients and barely any money in my bank account.

Fun fact: the niche I chose then was the exact same niche I’ve recently chose (brand design for women entrepreneurs.) So how come it failed then, but it’s worked now?

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