What is the Genesis framework and do you really need it?

what is the genesis framework

I recently wrote about Squarespace vs WordPress. This week I want to continue our Wordpress-related discussion.

I’ve been building my client’s websites on the Genesis framework (for WordPress) for quite some time now. Sometimes, my clients will inquire about what it is or why I use it. Since there are a million reasons why I LOVE Genesis, I thought I’d round them up in one lovely little blog post.

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How to avoid scammers and hire someone trustworthy

how to avoid scammers and hire someone trustworthy

I really pains me when I read of other designers who have taken money from their clients and disappeared without providing any work.

Not only do I feel deeply for the people who lost their money, but I feel disappointed because it taints freelance designers and it makes people hesitant to hire us. There are far more good, trustworthy designers than untrustworthy ones; you just need to know how to find them. That’s why I’m making it my mission today to help business owners do that!

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Squarespace or WordPress?

squarespace vs wordpress

Amy, an event planner, emailed me the other day and asked this:

Should I choose Squarespace or WordPress? I like Squarespace- it’s easy to use and the themes are clean and gorgeous. But I’ve heard a lot of people use WordPress and it’s apparently the better option. Help?

Both are fantastic website builders, but they have a few big differences that I’d like to point out.

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5 lessons I learned from my first launch

5 lessons I learned from my first launch

I launched The Shelancers Club last week, a membership site and community where freelance women can learn behind-the-scenes tips for building a successful business. I was SO scared in the days leading up to my launch. I’d never launched a program like this before and I was petrified that it would fail. My head was buzzing with all sorts of questions…

What if no one signs up?

What if people don’t like it?

What if members start to unsubscribe?

I’m delighted to say that my launch actually went really well! I hit my sales goal, I started up the Facebook group (which is exclusively for members), and all the members got really engaged. It has been so much fun getting to know them all! I can’t wait to continue with this cosy support group of freelance women.

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