Freebie: Brand Discovery Workbook

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Have you ever gone through a rebrand process, popped out a beautiful new logo and website, and then gone through the process all over again in 6 or 12 months? I’m betting you have. You decided you wanted something new and fresh! Or your direction/style/target market changed and you wanted to reflect that in your brand. We’re all guilty of doing this at some point.

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How I’m Structuring My Business In 2015

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I’m grabbing this year by the horns and I’m suuuuper determined to make it a great one! I’ve already kicked it off to a good start with a trip to Essex to stay with family. We go on an annual walk at the start of every year, which never ever fails to cheer me up! And we also took a trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London, which is something we say we’re going to do every year and never do. Well, this year it is done.

Today, I’ve decided to make 2 lists. A list of things from 2014 that I’m letting go of, and a list of goals for 2015.

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Recent Work: Geek Girl Web

moodboard by nesha designsgeek girl brand board by Nesha Designs

I completed this brand & web design quite some time ago but never actually showcased it on my website. Well, today that changes!! There’s a lot of work that I haven’t showed you guys, so I’ll start posting more of my work here from now on.

This design was for a web developer who owned a blog called Geek Girl Web. Sadly, the website was never coded to life because the owner decided to move in a different career direction. But I still had a blast designing something so pretty and feminine! It isn’t every day that I get to work with watercolors.

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Recommended Creatives

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I get lovely, curious people emailing me a lot to ask for my recommendations for copy writers, business strategists, developers and more. I LOVE getting these emails, but since I send the same email over and over, I made a long list of all the things I recommend instead! I hope it helps you out.

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My New Branding & Website

brand board

*****Please note: This blog was previously know as Betty Red Design at*****

After many hours of designing, my new brand and website is finally done! I can’t tell you how excited I feel to finish this personal project. I designed and coded a totally different website before having a sudden change of heart and going with this design. I realized that I wasn’t being true to my style- it’s light, clean and girly, not bold and ballsy. So I came up with this brand design instead. I love things like Kate Spade and Sugar Paper, so I decided to go with that side of my personality. What do you think?

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